• The Cheese Geek Merry Wyfe

cg top tip: Pair with a crisp cider

Merry Wyfe

Age:  4 weeks
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  Yes
Region:  Bath
Vegetarian:  Yes
This cheese is made using curds from Wyfe of Bath (another Bath Soft Co Cheese), which are then washed in cider. Dense and supple, you get a milky creaminess, with a sweet tangy kicker from the apple cider wash. It can be described as flavourful without being too overpowering, however it truly does live up to its name and is merry from start to finish.

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Meet the Maker

For the Padfield family, happy cows = great cheese. Park Farm in Bath is completely organic with lots of TLC for their herd of Holstein Friesians and an emphasis on traditional methods. Their namesake Bath Soft is even based on a historic recipe loved by Lord Nelson!


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