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Franche-Comte & French Alps

18-24 mths

Cow's (U)



Le God

Fudge, Butterscotch, Toasted Hazelnuts

Gruyere, Alpine Cheese

Our Comte is the ultimate indulgence, and it is no surprise it is one of the nation's favourite cheeses. It is similar to Gruyere, but has a lovely grainy texture (developing with maturity) which when combined with the deep rich nutty sweetness reminds you of eating toffee or milk chocolate. It doesn't have some of the fruity tang you get with a Gruyere, but rather just deep rich burnt nutty caramel-style sweetness. We know most of our cheese groupies will have tried a fair few Comtes before, but we source ours from the best in the biz, and always with summer give us a go and see the difference. True cheesy heaven!

TCG Top Tip: Goes great with an un-oaked Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc or Viognier

Can't make a decision? Let us choose

Like a true adult in a cheese shop, if you haven't been able to decide what you want, take away the pressure by letting The Cheese Geek choose for you. Available as one off or as a subscriptions, our Cheeseboxes are a balanced selection of our all time greats (that you'll probably see in this shop) and some lesser known beauties that may surprise you.

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