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Cumbria, England

3-4 months

Sheep's (U)



Rich, savoury

Whilst most people worship rockstars, film stars or sportspeople, here at TCG, we worship cheesemakers. They are our rockstars, and up there with the best of them is Martin Gott at St James cheese. Much like Ed Sheeran, you just know every cheese he releases is going to be a hit. First there was St James, now we have Crookwheel, a slightly more mature, harder sheep's milk cheese. If you wanted to know what true artisan, traditional cheesemaking is all about, look no further. Farmhouse (all Martin's own sheep), raw milk, and using his own heritage starter cultures, this cheese is the truest expression of its little corner of England.

Crookwheel has a lactic, sharp, slightly crumbly centre, with some nutty, honey sweetness and the faintest touch of meaty broth. It manages to position itself miraculously somewhere in between feta, Manchego and Berkswell, yet at the same time having a completely unique identity.

TCG Tips: it's summer - pair your crookwheel with a picnic blanket and some Wild cloudberry Jam

Add wild cloudberry jam

For the cherry on top of the icing of this already fantastic cake, why not add Wild Cloudberry Jam. It may well all disappear with your Crookwheel but if not, you can also spoon on to ice cream (yes, we're serious).

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