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Somerset, England

3 months

Cows (U)



Earthy with hints of mushroom.

Originally produced on their farm in South Wales, the curd’s are worked ‘Caerphilly’ by hand (I’m sorry) to produce the incredibly complex and delicious Gorwydd Caerphilly.

Trethowan's Dairy, now based on a farm in Somerset, they mature the cheese for longer to achieve a sharp and lactic finish. Think velvety rind that breaks down to a young and crumbly core to give off mushroom and earthy vibes. TCG rating - Epic summer cheese.

TCG Tips: it's summer - pair your Gorwydd Caerphilly with a deliciously floral bottle of Viognier

Add wild cloudberry jam

For the cherry on top of the icing of this already fantastic cake, why not add Wild Cloudberry Jam. It may well all disappear with your Crookwheel but if not, you can also spoon on to ice cream (yes, we're serious).

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