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Cornwall, England

5 months

Cow's (P)



Milky, creamy, caramel

The latest cheese from Lynher Dairies, makers of Supreme Champion 2017 Cornish Kern, Stithians is a matured, unwrapped version of their famous Cornish Yarg. Taken on a further 3mths-6mths than Yarg, and with a natural rind, Stithians ends up taking the best of both Yarg and Kern. It just about has the slight lactic, fresh citrus bite, but has become denser by this stage. Layered on top of that are the early shoots of Kern...the nutty, caramel richness and faintest hint of honey floral sweetness.

TCG Tips: pair with a punchy red

add plum jam

To complete the Cornish connection, try some Kea Plum Jam with Stithians. Perfect in the summer months

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