The Story

Well, first of all The Cheese Geek is a real is me, Edward, and it goes without saying, I am slightly barmy about cheese!

What I certainly don't call myself is a 'Cheese Expert'. It is so formal, and creates this impression that I am the fondu of all cheese knowledge. Whilst I may know a thing or two about cheese, what I am ultimately is a Geek on a journey. A cheese escapade, or pilgrimage if you will, that started over 25 years ago in a restaurant in Reims. I remember to this day the cheese trolley being wheeled over, and I felt like a kid in a candy store. Which is the thing about cheese...too often it is all about experts and education, when it should be more like being in a sweet shop.

So what is The Cheese Geek all about?

Our mission is to make eating and exploring cheese easier and more fun. We are stripping away the intimidating cheese experts and overwhelmingly massive choices so you can just be carefree and enjoy great cheeses.

  • It's about the cheese journey, and not a one-off set of cheeses to eat and then forget about.

  • It's about not panicking when faced with a choice of 100 cheeses and an 'expert' behind the counter, nor is it about worrying about how much you have spent because everything is in £/kg

  • It's about not getting home, and finding you have no info on any of the cheeses you bought, and often not even labels to tell you which cheese is which.

  • It is about tracking and scoring every cheese you have tried so you actually figure out what you like and don't like for next time.

  • It is about getting into cheese without feeling out of your depth, daunted or intimidated.

  • It is about making sure that nobody else comes close to delivering cheese in as perfect condition as we do. We cut no corners...ever.

  • And is about making that cheese journey so ridiculously easy, that you barely even need to lift a finger.

We are constantly tasting cheeses, searching for the best of the best at any given time, so each month we'll update our cheeseboxes and online cheese shop to bring you the top seasonal picks, new discoveries and new combinations. Not only that, we are always testing cheeses at different stages in their maturity so that you have the best possible chance of receiving every cheese at the top of their games.

Our number one aim is to help you taste amazing cheeses that you might not come across all that often, or cheeses that you have not even heard of before at all. Most importantly, we want to make sure you receive every piece of cheese in perfect condition, so we ensure all of our cheese is sourced from the best in the business. We then cut no corners when it comes to looking after the cheese once it is with us, and chilling and insulating the cheese properly when it is delivered.

Ultimately, The Cheese Geek might have started out as me, Edward, but really, The Cheese Geek is every single person that is over-enthusiastic about cheese, and doesn't want to suppress it. It is about the person who has just decided to move on from cheddar, to the person who tried a mega local cheese on holiday in Corsica and wants to know if they can get it here, or if not what might be similar.
The Cheese Geek is about anyone who loves cheese, setting out on an amazing cheese journey, and finally being able to make some headway....and most importantly, making that journey FUN!
So for the love of the cheese, and everything that comes with it, that is what The Cheese Geek is all about. Nobody does it better, trust me, I have tried!
The Cheese Geek