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How to create the perfect summer cheeseboard

June 21st 2019

Cheese is one of the most seasonal products out there, and if you only eat artisan cheese at Christmas, you are missing out…BIG TIME! Enter my perfect summer cheeseboard, showcasing some of those magical cheeses that just aren’t the same at any other time of the year, and the condiments and wines that will elevate them to an even higher level.

what is vegetarian cheese?

April 2020

Many will be confused as to what a vegetarian cheese is. Or rather what a non-vegetarian cheese is!

The central character to this conversation is rennet. Rennet is one of the four key ingredients in making cheese. A quick recap on cheesemaking 101:

Milk is gathered, starter culture is added to reduce the pH of the milk so the acidity is at the right level, at which point rennet is added to coagulate the milk, separating the curds from the whey, and the finally salt is added.

So that is all that is needed to make cheese! Milk, starter culture, rennet and salt. There is an argument that some slow set cheeses can be made without any rennet (or acidifier), but from our perspective, that is called yoghurt, not cheese!

can you freeze cheese?

March 2020

We get lots of questions about cheese here at TCG towers and pride ourselves in sharing our knowledge with the masses. One we keep coming across is the age-old question;

can cheese be frozen?

cheesetech: two magical
worlds colliding

Cheese has been around for donkey’s years (since around 6500BC, since you’re asking), the hard bit has been getting more people to feel connected with it on a deeper level. With over 750 varieties of cheese being made in the UK now though, it dawned on us the time was ripe for this to change. “Bring in tech (and more cheese)” we said triumphantly.

July 8th 2019

How we send out great cheese and manage our environmental impact

September 30th 2019

Whilst we are official cheese heads here at Geek HQ, coming in a close second is our drive to minimise our environmental impact. We have big plans to grow and grow which ultimately means more and more boxes heading out across the land - from the outset, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that this packaging is sustainably sourced, easily recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. Get it right now and we’ll be able to stay in control of our footprint in the future.

Does cheese give you nightmares?

March 2020

We like bringing you only the hard-hitting cheese content from around the world. And so today I’m bringing you, perhaps, the biggest of them all. Does cheese cause nightmares? And its slightly younger brother, does cheese give you strange dreams?

Is Cheese Good
For you?

August 8th 2019

From tasty Tunworth to yummy Yorkshire Pecorino, we’ve yet to find a cheese that doesn’t whet our appetites here at Cheese Geek HQ. We certainly couldn’t live without the stuff and, as well as enjoying its fantastic flavours, knowing that cheese comes with a few key health benefits makes eating it even more satisfying. However, you can still have too much of a good thing.

How to create the best Christmas cheese board

November 7th 2019

We all have a whole host of traditions when it comes to Christmas, from putting the star on top of the tree to serving up a feast for all the family. But would Christmas really be Christmas without cheese?

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