We're all cheese geeks at heart

There's something about cheese

Back at day dot of The Cheese Geek, sat around a kitchen table surrounded by cheese, we tried hard to nail down why most people still only ate Cheddar and Brie. Perhaps the choice was too great, or the expert behind the counter was intimidating, or maybe that's all your local supermarket stocked. We're Britain though! We're a nation of cheese lovers!

Let's unite. Eat cheese? From Edam to Etivaz, you're in the club. Let's get Geeky together. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • It's about the cheese journey, and not a one-off set of cheeses to eat and then forget about.
  • No panic being faced with 100 cheeses to choose from, and an 'expert' behind the counter, or because you can't keep track of the £/kg
  • No cheese without labels info and pairing tips - we will even recommend what order to eat the cheeses in
  • Tracking every cheese you have tried, so you can figure out what you like and don't like for next time (or that big dinner party you are hosting where one of the guests is a cheese aficionado)
  • Helping you get into cheese without feeling out of your depth, daunted or intimidated
  • Cheese in perfect condition, every time...we cut no corners, ever, and nobody else will send you cheese in better nick.
  • A ridiculously easy cheese journey, via website and app, covering 99% of the UK mainland on a next day service...so you barely need to lift a finger, and nobody gets left out.

We like to think that everybody who buys from us becomes a cheese geek. With every order you become more knowledgable in the exciting world of cheese, united by a goal to make Britain a nation of Cheese Geeks.

definition of Geek: "Enthusiasm without a filter"


Thank you!