Join the team

Job Title  - Cheese Whisperer (Cutting, Wrapping and Despatch) – Part-Time

Here at The Cheese Geek we love cheese, and we are on the hunt for part time/seasonal Cheese Whisperers to help us to take care of our amazing cheese from order all the way to despatch! This will mainly involve cutting, wrapping and packing our delicious cheeses at TCG HQ ready to send off to our amazing customers.

We are a small team that is rapidly growing and we are looking for part-time additions to join us on our very exciting cheese journey!

What we’re looking for in you

- Love for cheese!

- An enthusiastic and sociable attitude – we are a small and friendly team with a great working atmosphere…we are also smooth operators working like a well-oiled machine so anticipating the needs of others and thriving in a team environment is a must!

- Diligence and care taken in every step of the cheese journey from fridge to box – we want you to love and care for the cheese as much as we do! Attention to detail is key here at Cheese Geek HQ.

- Ability to lift, carry and handle cheese, slicing equipment and packaging – some of the wheels can weigh up to a couple of kilos, and the slicing equipment can be dangerous if not handled properly.

- Good listening skills and the ability to pick things up quickly – Communication is key! Things move swiftly when it comes to our cheese – it goes from fridge to box in the blink of an eye, so we need efficiency and great communication between all our geeks!

- The ability to remain calm and efficient working in a fast paced environment – there can be a lot happening at once.

- Love for cheese! (so important, we listed it twice)

Key Responsibilities

- Operating equipment such as Cheese Wire Cutters, Knives and Slicers to divide up wheels/blocks of cheese – this will require bags of care and adherence to our super important health and safety procedures.

- Wrapping cheese with care and speed – not only does our cheese have to taste mega, it has to look mega too!

- Packing our recklessly good-looking boxes with our mouth-watering cheese so that everything stays chilled and fresh for the journey ahead.

If this sounds like you, send over your CV to along with the hours that you can commit to.