Brie with Truffles

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Milk : Cow’s
From: Ile de France, France     
Aged: 8-10 weeks
Pairing: Perfect with a white Burgundy wine such as Pouilly Fuisse

Fromagerie Rouzaire is an independently owned family cheesemaking company that has been going for three generations. Their dairy and cheese cellars are situated in the heart of Brie country, which gives this brilliant cheese its AOC. This is a traditional Brie that when it is young, is cut horizontally and filled with a layer of truffle mixed with cheese, and then the top is replaced and the cheese is left to mature. This means that the truffles infuse the cheese and give it’s flavour a whole new dimension. It is a rich and sumptuous cheese, added to by the truffle layer, which injects delicate but strong flavour notes.   True decadence in the soft white bloomy rind, the creamy texture and the savoury truffle flavour is a reason why this cheese is so popular!