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Cheshire, England

4-6 weeks

Cow’s (V)



Butter, Cream


Say hello to the little pebble of deliciousness that is Burt’s Blue. Small and wrinkly, with a rind that can be anything from greeny/blue to dark grey, don’t let Burt fool you into thinking it’s a big tough guy! Underneath that rugged exterior is the most creamy and indulgent centre, with streaks of blue and green piercing throughout. Named after it’s maker Claire Burt, this is not a blue that will knock your socks off but will rather lull you into a creamy dreamy cheesy coma with a salty zap to finish - almost spoonable at times, this is a cheese you won’t want to share!  

TCG Top Tip: The sharpness of little Burts Blue is crying out for the saltiness of cured meats and the sweetness of figs or honey for the ultimate flavour sensation

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