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cheesegeek x Wild

Region = pits

At cheesegeek we're happiest when tasting cheese. And when we're not tasting cheese we want to be smelling it. So we've hooked up with the crew at Wild to bring you fragrances that smell so good, you’ll wish you could eat them (and you can). These deodorants are natural, sustainable, plastic free, and best of all, have a smell that will last all day long. Say hello to our brand new cheese based deodorants:

  • Eau de bleu - tangy, rich and slightly spicy, this deodorant is made with Shropshire Blue and will keep you smelling cheesy all day every day.
  • Salt & milk - the softest of the trio, this fragrance is made using Baron Bigod (and a little salt & milk of course), giving subtle earthy aromas reminiSCENT of the rolling green hills and luscious grass of Norfolk.
  • Nutty orange - this deo lives up to its name, it's nutty (in taste), orange (in colour) and the smell... well you'll just have to wait to try it. Made with Appleby's Cheshire, you'd be wild to miss out on this.

WARNING: you (and everyone around you) might be hit with frequent cheese cravings when you're wearing these guys. Don't say we didn't warn you. Limited stocks available, get them whilst you can.

Delivery is FREE and it comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee. If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your festive cheesegeek delivery.

Christmas Shipping

Read more on our Christmas week deliveries here


Christmas Delivery Information Close Icon for Delivery Drawer

The week before Christmas is our (and our courier’s) busiest time of the year. Please use the delivery date you have selected as a guide rather than a guarantee. We will ensure that:

- Your delivery will arrive within 2 days of your preferred date (either before or after)

- Your cheese will still arrive in the best condition. It will have been prepared freshly and will not have been with our courier beyond our maximum of 48hrs

- Your cheese will be perfect for Christmas (whether for yourself or a gift)

- You will receive delivery notifications for when your order is dispatched that mean you can track when it’s in transit

If you aren’t in for your delivery, this won’t matter. Our couriers will leave your cheese in you designated safe place in our climate controlled packaging.

We’re a small business working with an (incredible) perishable product. For advice on delivery or any cheesy questions, get in touch via the live chat or on hello@thecheesegeek.com

Read Our Delivery Policy

Free Shipping

Free next delivery to UK mainland on all of our deodorants. Just order before 9am and we'll do the rest

Perfect Condition

Our deodorants are delivered in climate-controlled packaging, both sustainable and recyclable


We have a 48 hour freshness guarantee. Your deodorant will keep you smelling cheesy with just one swipe

Candy for your eyes AND nose

Move over disney stars, these scents are the real triple threat. They smell good, they look good and oh boy do they taste good. On top of that, they're natural and eco-friendly. Choose from Salt & Milk, our soft cheese scent, Nutty Orange, our hard cheese scent, and Eau de Bleu, our blue cheese scent, with a 48 hour freshness guarantee to keep you smelling cheesy for the next two days.

At Wild we always say that we want our scents to smell good enough to eat and our new scent launch is no exception! With just a couple of swipes, this deodorant counteracts your own cheesy body odour and replaces it with the scent of exquisite cheesegeek cheese.

Charlie Bowes-Lyon, founder of Wild


Our absolute speciality, the only brand partnership in the UK to provide fresh, sustainable cheese deodorants.