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What on earth is a Wild Cloudberry you are probably asking? And why is someone making jam from it?

Well whilst it isn't something magical that grows in the sky, it is something magical that grows in Scandinavia. It is a little bit like a blackberry in appearance, except slightly more bulbous, and orange. It also has that slight berry sweetness, but just as you think it might get too sweet, it brings in a tart, almost savoury balancer that keeps it all in check.

This is one of the most lipsmackingly delicious jams we at The Cheese Geek have ever tried. As if things couldn't get any better, we then established it works perfectly with almost all types of, soft, hard...every single one a hit, like Abba in the 70s (oh yes, thats a Scandinavian linkeroo). So give it a go, apparently it even tastes great with ice cream...Mamma Mia!


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