• cheesegeek Distant Noises Chardonnay

cg top tip: Think you don't like Chardonnay with a little oak - try this to change your mind!

Distant Noises Chardonnay

Abv:  13%
Country:  Australia
Grape:  Chardonnay
Producer:  Distant Noises
Region:  Yarra, Valley
Type:  White
Vintage:  2019
Winemaker Tom Carson is bit of a legend in Australia's uber-trendy Mornington Peninsula, and most of his award winning wines don't come cheap. Distant Noises is Tom's foray into affordable and accessible wines. We think Chardonnay is probably the greatest all-rounder when it comes to cheese pairing, and this made us giddy with happiness when we did our rigorous taste testing (oh the things we do for you!). This is like a modern take on white Burgundy and delivers lots of the same flavours - nectarine, citrus and spicy French oak with a core of zesty lip-smacking acidity which gives such a burst of energy to cheese. We'd like to keep as little distance between us and this Chardonnay as possible.

Our house wine selection has been curated by Alistair Cooper, Master of Wine. We're big believers that the importance of great wine when it comes to great cheese cannot be understated, and as such have selected these wines after hours and hours of scrutiny (and fun), to be all rounders for pairing with our cheese.

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