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Somerset, England

3-6 weeks

Goat's (V, U)



Award winning Goat's cheese

Think you know Goat's cheese? Think again. Driftwood is here to shake things up. Forget tangy and crumbly, underneath the velvetty rind is hiding a smooth dense citrussy mousse. Cushioned with a rich silky breakdown of oozing creaminess, you get a perfect symphony of textures with a hint of lingering minerality from the ash-rolled rind.

TCG Top Tip: Perfect with a sweet wine or in a fresh spring salad

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Like a true adult in a cheese shop, if you haven't been able to decide what you want, take away the pressure by letting The Cheese Geek choose for you. Available as one off or as a subscriptions, our Cheeseboxes are a balanced selection of our all time greats (that you'll probably see in this shop) and some lesser known beauties that may surprise you.

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