"I will honour Cheese in my heart, and and try to keep it all the year"


No. of Cheeses

5 British legends

Total grams

1.3kg approx.

Enough for

Up to 15 cheese lovers


Free guaranteed pre 12pm (UK mainland)


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Amazing the family with the Best of British


Proper Truffle Honey, Red Onion & Port Marmalade, Peters Yard Original Crispbreads (x2)

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You’ve got the family round, we’re talking the grandparents, maybe aunts and uncles plus your tribe. There are repeats of Only Fools and Horses on the telly, you need something to support the incoming Queen’s speech. We hear you. Frankie hears you, and she comes bearing gifts.

Five cheeses, over 1kg in total, a pot of Proper Truffle Honey (shout out to Vallebona), Red Onion & Port Marmalade (shout out to Rosebud Preserves), 2 packs of Original Crispbreads (shout out to Peter’s Yard), guaranteed pre 12pm delivery (shout out to APC).

So a kilo of cheese. This isn’t just any cheese though. Let’s run through the superstars:

Hafod - Some say cheddar, we say Hafod. Cheddar...Hafod, cheddar...HAFOD. Sometimes the farminess can be too much, to the point it has you reaching for water to cleanse yourself. Not here though, because Hafod uses some starter cultures usually found in alpine cheeses (think Comte). Some of that ‘punch me in the face’ farmy cheddar tang is balanced by a borderline sweet smooth nuttiness, that also rounds off the finish. So it’s like the perfect mouth party, where all the guests leave on time, no lingering about when you just want to go to bed.

Cornish Kern - If you’ve tried Kern, you know. If you haven’t, then your life is about to change. It scooped top prize at The World Cheese Awards last year and is a completely justified World Champion. It’s a Gouda style cheese, made with alpine cultures, so it gets the best of both worlds. First it is almost floral sweetness that could make you weep, then out pops the nutty slightly melted butter on toast out of nowhere...close your eyes and you could be eating caramel. It has layer upon layer upon layer...you will love it. Guaranteed.

Bath Soft - You’ve guessed it, this charmer is a soft from Bath. He’s one of an army of British soft cheeses that are showing the French what we can do, and it goes against everything that you have ever been taught about cheese...it is made in the shape of a square! Don’t let this throw you though – it is soft, unctuous and creamy with classic mushroom hints (but never too much) and a teeny bit of citrus. It never gets too salty, and it has, of course, the most wonderful ooze. Allez!

Golden Cenarth - Kenny to his friends. And he is blessed with friends because Kenny has such a warm heart. Yes, you need to get over the pong (but isn’t that half the reason we love cheese?!) but when you do, you’ll find a soft that’s incredibly delicate. He’s buttery & creamy but maintains a fermented fruity sweet tang from being washed in cider. Be warned, if Kenny is in a good mood, spoons may well be necessary.

Bath Blue - Not just for Christmas. Or just for Grandad. Bath Blue should be on Santa’s list for everyone. From the same farm as his soft brother, you’ll be able to settle in to a favourite armchair with its creamy butteriness. Whilst there, you can ponder the fact that it’s handmade. What excellent hands they must have been.

Coupled with the top notch condiments we’ve included, this British Twist on Christmas will happily fill 15 hungry family members. If it doesn’t, phone the cheese hotline...The Cheese Geek himself will want to know.

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