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West Wales


Cow's (O)



Buttery, nutty, intensely moreish

Cheddar and Lincolnshire Poacher

At The Cheese Geek, as far as Cheddar-style cheeses go, Hafod pretty much conquers all. It just has everything, but doesn't overstep the mark at any stage. First of all, it is relatively unique in that it is made from the milk of Ayrshire cows, a deviation from the more common Holstein/Freisians. The recipe is derived from a Poacher, and it is that Alpine influence that brings so much to the table. Rather than a really tangy, dry crumbly cheddar, Hafod is more nutty and retains a lovely suppleness even after 1yr plus on the maturing shelves. It is intensely buttery, in a melted butter on toast kind of way. When you eat it, you really feel like you are treating yourself. And I think what you really do get from a cheese like Hafod, or Poacher for that matter, is such an epically smooth finish. It just chills out in your mouth for a little bit, then dissipates just when it leaving a party at just the right moment. An absolute must for any lovers of hard cheese.

TCG top Tip: Deserves to be eaten on its own

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