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Oxfordshire, England

3 weeks

Goat's (V, U)



Goat's cheese (even if you don't actually)

A pyramid of beauty, Sinodun Hill is for both goat's cheese lovers and newcomers alike. Under its velvety, golden cloak is hiding a silky smooth layer of pure decadence. Take off his layers and you'll unveil a centre of dense creamy mousse similar to...sweet ice cream. Lingering flavours of citrus and nutty milk welcome you back for another mouthful.

NB Sinodun Hill can be a little delicate on the corners and may suffer from slight squashing during transit. It is also often characterised by some blue moulding on the rind. Do not be alarmed, everything is as it should be, all that is left is to blow the minds of your lucky taste buds.

TCG Top Tip: Pair with something lightly sparkling and a dollop of plum jam

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