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Hand picked cheese and cured meats

Cannon & Cannon is the leading retailer and distributor of British charcuterie and cured meat. Since 2010, they have been at the forefront of the new British charcuterie revolution, linking with an ever-expanding number of quality artisan producers from England, Scotland and Wales. Cannon & Cannon handpicks the best charcuterie products the country has to offer, and only sells ethically reared, rare and heritage breed meat.


No. of cheeses

3 crackerjacks plus 3 top notch cured meats

Total grams

Over 600g of cheese as well as 200g of British charcuterie

Enough for

4-8 cheese & meat lovers


Free (UK mainland)


Cheese info, Pairing notes and Scorecard


Best of British

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Cheese is awesome. We could literally eat it morning, noon and night but we realise a varied diet is important so this got us thinking. Could we put together a box with non-cheese that could taste just as ruddy brilliant?

Meat! That’s it! Cured meat!

Here at Cheese Geek HQ we cut no corners, so we gave the best in the biz a call to see if they would want to help us out on out first ever collaboration box. And here we are...The limited edition Sonny & Cher(cuterie), packed with award-winning cheese and cured meats from The Cheese Geek x Cannon and Cannon.

Here’s the lowdown:

Cornish Kern (200g) - If you’ve tried Kern, you know. If you haven’t, then your life is about to change. It scooped top prize at The World Cheese Awards last year and is a completely justified World Champion. It’s a Gouda style cheese, made with alpine cultures, so it gets the best of both worlds. First it is almost floral sweetness that could make you weep, then out pops the nutty slightly melted butter on toast out of nowhere...close your eyes and you could be eating caramel. It has layer upon layer upon layer...you will love it. Guaranteed.

We’ve paired this with Rare Breed Pork English Coppa (60g). Made by the Cornish Charcuterie near Bude, this artisan Coppa is a delicious cured cut prepared from the shoulder and nape of farm reared Lop pigs. Seasoned, cured and matured for 4 months, it’s worth the wait...and we think this Kern and Coppa are a match made in Cornwall.

Bath Soft (200g - whole) - You’ve guessed it, this charmer is a soft (so it’s not like one of those ironic things where ‘Big John’ is actually teeny) from Bath. He’s one of an army of British soft cheeses that are showing the French what we can do, and it goes against everything that you have ever been taught about cheese...it is made in the shape of a square! Don’t let this throw you though...it is soft, unctuous and creamy with classic mushroom hints (but never too much) and a teeny bit of citrus. It never gets too salty, and it has, of course, the most wonderful ooze. Allez!

Cannon and Cannon Welsh Veal & Sage Salami (60g). We wanted something delicate to pair with our soft and this salami fits the bill perfectly. As the veal is so lean, it’s mixed with a little free range traditional pork back fat so that it has enough fat content to be made into a salami. The herby mixture might make you think you’re eating a Cumberland sausage...add the Bath Soft and you’re on to a winner.

Isle of Wight Blue (approx. 230g - whole) - we call this guy Oscar because he has awards coming out of his ears! Unusually for a blue you’ll get a whole mini-cheese to feast on - sharing is allowed but not recommended. There is just enough trademark blue sharpness in there, but all tempered by an almost unbearably velvety rich creaminess thanks to the Guernsey and Jersey cows, notorious for their rich milk. We’ll ship yours out at just the right age - around 5 weeks - which means you’ll get the perfect amount of punch to go with the Beersticks. No supporting roles here, Oscar is right up there with the best blues in the land.

Beersticks (6 pieces) should be an institution. They look a little like a grown up’s peperami but these are so much better...a hint of truffle and a tickle of chilli, we’ve paired them with our blue but they are so good, we’ll forgive you if you chomp on them on their own. From Kent, they are made from free range pork shoulder from locally sourced pigs, seasoned with a healthy shake of Malawian chilli, pepper and curing salt, then stuffed in to natural casings. They’re dried for a week or so, and usually consumed in seconds. Marvellously moreish.

NB. What you see is what you get. It’s tricky for us to swap cheeses in and out - if you’re looking to customise your box, consider The Lionel or The Tina.


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