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Cheese is awesome. We could literally eat it morning, noon and night but we realise a varied diet is important so this got us thinking. Could we put together a box with non-cheese that could taste just as ruddy brilliant?

Meat! That’s it! Cured meat!

Here at Cheese Geek HQ we cut no corners, each year we try and test a selection of the best in British Charcuterie. Honestly, we have a tough life. In 2020, we've found a winner. The Real Cure Co. make unbelievable cured meat - it was hard choosing between their great selection.

NB. What you see is what you get (we're referring to the cheese and meats here; board, knife and marble table you'll have to supply yourself). It’s tricky for us to swap cheeses in and out - if you’re looking to customise your box, consider The Lionel or The Tina.

Cornish kern (200g) with coppa


If you’ve tried Kern, you know. If you haven’t, then your life is about to change.

It scooped top prize at The World Cheese Awards in 2007 and is a completely justified World Champion. It’s a Gouda style cheese, made with alpine cultures, so it gets the best of both worlds. First it is almost floral sweetness that could make you weep, then out pops the nutty slightly melted butter on toast out of nowhere...close your eyes and you could be eating caramel. It has layer upon layer upon layer...you will love it. Guaranteed.

With its model looks, it was love at first sight with Hartgrove Coppa.

Once we tasted some, we proposed...it’s proper melt in the mouth stuff. Excellent balance of seasoning, spot on marbling and an aroma that whisks you away to warmer climes.

The Real Cure Co deserve pats on the back (they’ve got them actually with this guy being a 3 star Great Taste Award winner)

waterloo (200g) with cider salami

Made by Village Maid dairy in Berkshire, this is a knock out Brie-style cheese made on our shores.

It's made using Guernsey cow's milk which is famously rich and produces amazingly creamy cheese. It delivers on both levels. It is not super heavy but touches on the classic Brie vibes of damp leaves and mushrooms. It also has a lovely deep yellow colour, which really does give a hint as to how buttery the cheese is.

For those who find Brie a bit too much, Waterloo is the perfect option, think of it as the laid back cousin.

Made with The Real Cure’s very own Gloucester Old Spot pigs, this is as free range and British as Salami comes.

The aromatic hit of the pink peppercorns is balanced out by the sweetness of the cider. Judges agreed - 2 more stars at the Great Taste Awards.

bluemin white (170g) with bresaola

We see Bluemin described as a brie style blue. We describe her as bloomin lovely. Although the brie style blue is accurate too - it's the velvety rind and melt in the mouth texture. It's the richness, it feels like a real indulgence. On top of this, she has awards coming out of her ears including 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards a few years back.

Cured by hand with Bay leaves, red wine and rosemary. There aren’t many bresaolas you can say that about. He looks bang on - an array of colours and those appetising ribbons of fat. A firm initial texture that gives way to melt in the mouth loveliness. (And 2 more stars from The Great Taste Awards).

delivery & extras 

Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set time of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee.

If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheese and meat evening!