"I try to write lyrics so that they won't age, which sort of leaves you with the big subjects like death and love and sex and cheese"

Florence of Florence and the Machine*

*We may have adapted this quote

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3 x 250ml wines from kiss of wine


cherry amaretto (optional)


Peter's yard sourdough (optional)


free (UK mainland)

Get that picnic blanket out and relax because The Florence will take you on a journey so beautiful you will forget that A) you live in England, B) England rains 90% of the time and C) we forget what we were saying because we were too busy vibing with The Florence. We think that cheese and wine are a staple of the summer picnic season and The Florence is the perfect way to get your cheese and wine fix.

moreton (200g) with smooth

Moreton is a new British Tomme style cheese from the Cotswolds (from the village of Moreton-in-Marsh, how strange). Mild and creamy, it has a salty kick and farmy finish from the rind with some citrussy notes when you get to the centre.

Pairing with the Smooth Chardonnay, this rounds out the cheese, giving you subtle rustic almost peanut flavours of the Moreton. Notes of dry grass in the cheese are matched by the sweetness of the wine for a match with true festival feels.

st jude (100g) with zesty

St Jude cheese from Julie Cheyney at St Judes (shock) has a melting mousse-like texture and leaves you with rich and buttery flavours undercut with lemony tones. Made from raw Montbeliarde milk from the cows at Fen Farm, these flavours can change with the season, highlighting the true artisan nature of this delicious cheese.

Pairing with the Zesty Riesling, this reminded us of hopping and skipping in a summer meadow as children (obviously back then we weren't drinking wine and eating cheese). The freshness of the wine really cuts through the creaminess of the cheese and freshens the palate with romantic sunny vibes.  

Comte 24 (200g) with wild 

The third pairing transports us to a meadow after dusk and is reminiscent of sweet candyfloss. The 24 month aged Comte has a lovely grainy texture (developing with maturity) which reminds you of eating toffee or milk chocolate with that deep rich burnt nutty caramel-style sweetness.

Pairing with the Wild Dolcetto wine, the fruity and floral notes complement the rich flavours of the Comte giving a lovely finish to the box.

cherry amaretto & peter's yard originals bundle (optional)

Cherry Amaretto Think a Bakewell tart... but better. Our mini 113g Cherry Amaretto has a sweet and sour tang that cuts through the fresh cheese perfectly. Every mouthful is an indulgence, but don't let that stop you.

Peter's Yard Originals Sourdough Crispbreads. Simply the world's greatest biscuits for cheese...fact.


Delivery is not only free, and not only at a set day of your choosing, but also comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee.

If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your cheese and wine evening!!