No. of cheeses

3 beauties; 3 beers; 3 condiments; 1 crispbreads

Total grams

600g of cheese plus 3 cans/bottles of beer

Enough for

Dad. Up to him if he chooses to share


Free guaranteed pre 4pm (UK mainland)


3 condiments, 1 crispbreads plus the usual Cheese info, Pairing notes and Scorecard


Who's the daddy?

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Dads, lads, chaps, blokes...hold on to your guitars, The Ozzy is packed to the brim with manliness. More award winning cheese from us Geeks, some of the best craft beers in the land from Wild Beer, all matched to a tee. Some will snack on it after dinner, others will prefer it as part of a ploughman’ We say there’s no better way to start the day. Bring it on for breakfast.

So what’s getting us jumping out of bed?

Westcombe Cheddar and Fresh

Now, for those in the know, this won’t come as the biggest surprise. Westcombe is made at Westcombe farm (see what they did there), the very same corner of Somerset that Wild Beer calls home. And what grows together, goes this is a match that is destined to work. We think of Westcombe as The Godfather amongst cheddars...nothing mild about it, a real flavour explosion. We get citrus throughout with the odd pop of hazelnut and caramel. Fresh is, well, fresh. More citrus...we get grapefruit, making it the perfect summer beer. The combo is just super comforting. You know it’s going to work, then it does.

Wigmore and Yokai

From a classic British pairing to the more exotic. We chatted to our friends at Village Maid who have pulled out all the stops and made us a small batch of mini Wigmores. Oh we do feel special. Wiggy is creamy, He’s soft, unctuous and gives more than enough pong for the man who likes a punchy number. All which led us nicely to Yokai. It includes all those classic beer ingredients - seaweed, Sichuan peppercorns, Yuzu citrus. The end result is a beautifully balanced number that cuts through the milkiness of the Wigmore leaving an almost savoury taste (the umami moves in mysterious ways)

Shropshire Blue and Millionaire

This could just be the killer combo in the box. Shropshire Blue, our very own Ginge with strong and salty Stilton flavours and Millionaire...if ever there was a beer that made you feel super rich, this is the guy. It’s decadent. As Wild Beer say ‘it wraps you up in a velvety cocoon, dresses you in a smart suit and takes you out for a night on the tiles’. I’ll get my coat because we’re going out out. Put these two friends together and you have a sweet and stormy fest - the salted caramel and chocolate notes of the millionaire are the perfect match for the blue saltiness. You know it’s a worldie of a pairing because it takes two items of greatness and elevates them to new levels.

The Ozzy is topped off with The Three Gees - Rambunctious Red Onion & Port; Barnstorming Brandy & Pear and Champion Cherry & Amaretto as well Peter’s Yard Crispbreads. A true heavy metal box.  

Unconstrained by stylistic guidelines and led by flavour, Wild Beer Co celebrate traditional techniques whilst embracing a sense of modernity in their brewing. They want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions of beer and thrilling your taste buds. And their beers go great with cheese!!

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