"good things take time" - these british classics are no exception

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3 x peter's yard crackers (295g)


truffle honey (optional)


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We have collaborated with Peter's Yard, purveyor of the finest crackers in England, to create a paired box of our favourite British cheeses and crackers. We've selected a hard, a blue and a soft cheese for a rounded cheeseboard, with a balance of flavours, textures, and colours, perfectly enhanced by the crackers.

This box was created as part of the British Cheese Weekender, a weekend of celebrations of great British cheese taking place across 23rd-25th April.

vintage poacher (200g) with original sourdough crackers

Lincolnshire poacher is a Cheese Geek staple. A hard vintage cheese with an extra tang which holds its own against the PY Sourdough Crackers. You get a nice toasty rye flavour which works with the richness of the cheese (it almost reminded us of a crunchy cheese toasty).

Tunworth (200g) with rye and charcoal sourdough crackers

This is a fab.u.lous combo; beautiful and sexy. You get some ooze from the soft Tunworth cheese, with earthy mushroomy notes rounded off by the honey and butter in the cracker.

We recommend pairing this with the Truffle Honey (in fact, it's criminal if you don't), for a sweetness that cuts through the cheese and crackers.

Northern blue (200g) with fig & spelt sourdough crackers

This pairing is a match made in heaven. The moulds for the Northern Blue cheese are grown on rye bread, so naturally this pairs amazingly with the wheatiness of the cracker. You get a balance between the salty sharpness of the blue with the fruity figs and sweetness from the honey in this cracker of a cracker.

truffle honey extra (45g)

Add Truffle Honey at a discounted price of £5 to make this box a standout.

An extra special mega match for many cheeses, none more so than bloomy rind cheeses like Tunworth. This particular truffle honey from Le Marche in Italy is simply the best. Not too strong or overpowering, and none of that synthetic truffle taste thanks to the real white truffle shavings; no fake flavourings! The white truffles are sniffed out by specialist truffle dogs, and then shaved and blended with local Acacia honey.

A note from peter's yard

At Peter’s Yard, our most important ingredient is time. Time for our sourdough to ferment; time for each cracker to cook and cool to irresistible crispness; time for you to savour each bite. It takes time to make our award-winning crackers, we believe it’s time well spent.

Our sourdough crackers are made from our 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours before each batch is baked. Crafted without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch.