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Toscana, Italy

10-12 weeks




Milky nuttiness, bordering on sweet caramel, with an earthiness emphasized by the truffles

Whilst Mozzarella and Gorgonzola might be the most well-known Italian cheeses, there is no doubt that the most classic, traditional and authentic cheese of Italy is Pecorino. Made across Italy, every village and town has its own version and recipe for making Pecorino, passed down over generations. This Tuscan Pecorino, aged slightly younger than perhaps the most widely spread Pecorino, is infused with summer truffles, which gives the cheese an amazing dimension. There is the classic nuttiness, with a little bit of salt, and a little bit of milky sweetness as well, but then the truffles bring a lovely earthiness to proceedings. Aged for only a few months, this Pecorino is a lot softer than many as not as much moisture has been driven out of the cheese. But with the skill of the cheesemaking, and the infusion of truffles, it is still packed with flavour and complexity.

TCG Top tip: An Italian red wine should do the trick with this lovely cheese

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