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Yorkshire, England

4 weeks

Sheep's (V)



Mega Pecs

Yoghurt, Milk, Freshly cut grass

Parmesan - Italian semi hard to hard cheeses

What do you get when you take a Sardinian and drop them in the middle of Leeds? Award winning, small batch, 30 day matured Yorkshire Pecorino. That's what you get.

Mario Olianas (Super Mario as he shall now be called) is the legend responsible. He's created the perfect spring cheese - it's young, fresh, supple and yielding. Almost yoghurty. We cannot get enough of the texture, just so moreish.

We serve this one up in 200g wedges.

TCG Top Tip: Drizzle of honey or even better - Truffle honey

Can't make a decision? Let us choose

Like a true adult in a cheese shop, if you haven't been able to decide what you want, take away the pressure by letting The Cheese Geek choose for you. Available as one off or as a subscriptions, our Cheeseboxes are a balanced selection of our all time greats (that you'll probably see in this shop) and some lesser known beauties that may surprise you.

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