The Three Gees

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Not since the Bee Gees have a trio caused such a stir as our triple condiment offering at The Cheese Geek. Never let anyone tell you, "You can't have it all"...because you can. And here it is. Perfect for the indecisive, subscribers, or anyone that just won't accept second best.

Meet the megastars:

Rambunctious Red Onion & Port - great with hard cheese

After what began to feel like a life long, Ben Hur-style epic, we reckon we have found the world's greatest accompaniment for Farmhouse Cheddar, British Territorials, and in fact pretty much any hard cheese available to the human race. And it isn't even a Chutney! It's a Marmalade! Red onions from Lincolnshire and Cockburns Fine Ruby Port have done to hard cheese what Christopher Nolan has done to cinema....made the unbetterable...better.

Champion Cherry & Amaretto - great with soft cheese

What do you get when you mix cherry, almond and a ripe soft cheese? Almost a Bakewell Tart...but we think better. The sweet and sourness of the cherry with the punch of almond liqueur cuts through the pong perfectly. Every mouthful becomes indulgent. Almost naughty. Don't let that stop you though.

Barnstorming Brandy & Pear - great with blue cheese

A truly epic accompaniment for blue cheeses, it forms a perfect foil for the saltiness and bite of the blue veining...much like Robin does for Batman. The brandy is from Ampleforth Abbey, using apples grown on the Abbey grounds. This is knock-out (sticking with the Batman analogy here) stuff.