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  • cheesegeek The Genesis
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  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection
  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection
  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection
  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection
  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection
  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection
  • cheesegeek The Coronation Selection

The Genesis

From £33.00
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 6 reviews
4 cheeses
4 to 6 people

We’ve worked closely with some of our favourite makers across the UK to develop our very own range of artisan cheese - and you can be the very first to try it with The Genesis! Lean on our expertise and celebrate in style with the perfectly balanced board. You might even discover your new favourite.

We have 2 selections to choose from:

The Classic: this includes the core range of Genesis cheeses, Swift, Eastwood, Washington and Hendrix. A total of 600g that is perfect for 2-6 people.

The Hamper: This selection is good for around 10 people and includes: all four cheeses from The Genesis Range (600g), British Charcuterie from The Real Cure, Fruit Cheese and Piccalilli from Rosebud Preserves and Captain’s Crackers from Zingiberi Bakery. 

Whichever you opt for, let us know how the cheeses fare - it's a line up we're truly proud of!

The only selection that includes the four exclusive cheeses from The GENESIS Range:

  • Swift (150g) - a scintillating 9-month aged gouda style cheese
  • Eastwood (150g) - a gangbusting soft, Brie-style cheese fit for any cheeseboard
  • Washington (150g) - an unforgettable soft cheese, washed in cider
  • Hendrix (150g) - a unique, mesmeric blue cheese

With The Hamper:

  • British Charcuterie from The Real Cure
  • Fruit Cheese and Piccalilli from Rosebud Preserves
  • Captain’s Crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Delivery is always FREE and you can choose your delivery date. It comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee. If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your festive cheesegeek delivery.

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During checkout, you will be able to select your preferred delivery date. This is great if you're buying as a gift or are organising your cheese in advance. The cheese will be packed in chilled, insulated boxes (that look great!) and will always be prepared on the day it is dispatched. A few other handy pointers:

- We use DHL nationwide and Packfleet within the M25

- Please use the delivery date you have selected as a guide rather than a guarantee.

- Your cheese will arrive in the best condition. It will have been prepared freshly and will not have been with our courier beyond our maximum of 48hrs

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If you aren’t in for your delivery, this won’t matter. Our couriers will leave your cheese in you designated safe place in our climate controlled packaging.

We’re a small business working with an (incredible) perishable product. For advice on delivery or any cheesy questions, get in touch via the live chat or on hello@thecheesegeek.com

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Perfect Condition

Our cheese is delivered in climate-controlled packaging. We recommend eating within a week for optimum freshness


We have a 48 hour freshness guarantee. We'll send you a free fresh one if your box falls outside this


The cheesegeek ‘GENESIS’ range has been developed to represent a style and quality of cheesemaking that mirrors the values of ourselves as a business, and what we believe is the future of the cheese industry.

The cheeses are made exclusively for us, and represent modern interpretations of classic styles of cheese, hand-crafted by the finest British cheesemakers. 

All the milk used to make these cheeses is fully traceable, and locally sourced, so not only are they some of the highest quality cheeses you will have tasted, the provenance and story behind the cheeses is also compelling. They truly tell the story of the land where they’ve been crafted.

We have designed these four cheeses to taste wonderful individually, but also as a collection...The Genesis is a perfect way to try them all!



A scintillating 9-month aged gouda style cheese.


Exhibits both diminishing hints of youth, whilst also embracing some of the trademarks of ageing.

With this dichotomy comes wonderfully balanced complexity, ranging from a supple, springy sweet butteriness, to slightly more weathered earthiness and richness. 

We think this manifests in the flavour of liberally buttered jacket potato skins. The finish is a joy to behold, long, sweet and delightful.



A gangbusting soft, Brie-style cheese fit for any cheeseboard


It brings everything you would want and expect from a Brie-style cheese, but in the most elegant and refined way possible. Intense creaminess of course, wild garlic leaves, a damp earthiness and the most subtle, contrasting fruity citrus snap running through the middle, holding everything together. 

Ripened to perfection, EASTWOOD will have wonderful breakdown inside the rind, and a chalky centre around an inch in thickness.



An unforgettable soft cheese, washed in cider


A testament to British cheesemaking, and a nod to continental cheesemaking, this is a washed rind cheese destined for great things. When slightly younger, the flavours are fresher and crisper, with just a hint of fruitiness. But ripened on, it develops deep, savoury, meaty flavours reminiscent of the classic French and Belgian monastic cheeses. However, the cider wash brings an astonishing fermented fruity funk, that balances the savoury flavours perfectly, all playing out amidst the most tantalising creamy, decadent, luxurious texture. 

A modern take on history, and a cheese for the ages.



A unique, mesmeric blue cheese


The texture of HENDRIX is the first thing that hits you, semi-soft, forgiving, silky and melt-in-the-mouth. It is the blue cheese equivalent of eating a Galaxy chocolate bar, and so unusual in the world of blue cheese. This is the starting point for what is both an incredibly accessible and balanced blue cheese, but also complex and characterful. It carries an unmistakable sea saltiness and minerality, reflecting its provenance by the west coast of Wales, which balances the richness of the milk perfectly.


Your extras

Fennel and White Pepper Salami from The Real Cure

Pork salami infused with white pepper and fennel from Dorset based charcuterie company The Real Cure who specialise in responsibly and locally sourced ingredients and traditional curing, fermenting, drying and smoking techniques

Captain's Crackers from Zingiberi Bakery

Small batch crackers from Zingiberi Bakery on the North Kent coast. With either oats, sesame, rosemary honey and Kentish ale from Good Ales or seeds, honey salt and pepper.

Piccalilli from Rosebud Preserves

Distinctly British Piccallili that is perfect with cheese and for your coronation feasting. Sharp, tangy, bursting with vegetables and with plenty of bite.

Damson Fruit Cheese from Rosebud Preserves

A rich Damson Fruit cheese made for pairing with cheeses of all types. Its deep, dark and rich from the addition of unrefined cane sugar and long, slow cooking in open pans, they are prepared by hand from fresh raw ingredients such as single orchard fruit. Sweet and sharp with a vibrant colour.

Your extras

The Unboxing Experience

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    Your cheese is delivered in the best, climate-controlled packaging money can buy.

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    Your cheese is always cut, wrapped and packed fresh on the day its dispatched.

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    Our cardboard delivery boxes are produced using recycled material and are recyclable.

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    Includes cheese info, tasting notes and pairing tips as well as a scorecard to track your favs.