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At The Cheese Geek, we get very excited about events. From small group blind tasting experiences, dinner parties and cheese and wine tastings, to weddings or corporate events of all shapes and sizes, we can provide everything you need. We can help you put together a killer selection of cheeses, matching wines where needed, and ensure it is all presented beautifully, and served expertly, on the day. If required, events can also be attended by one of our rare but mighty Cheese Geeks, packed with unrivalled knowledge of all things cheesy!

Each of our events will be geared personally to what you require, so we have no 'set' or 'generic' approaches. That would be awfully repetitive! The important thing is you get exactly what you need from the day, not what we want to offer you.

For more information, and details on pricing, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

What is vegetarian cheese? April 2020 • Ed Hancock Many will be confused as to what a vegetarian cheese is. Or rather what a non-vegetarian cheese is! The central character to this conversation is rennet. Rennet is one of the...
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Nightmares and cheese – Myth or Fact March 2020 • Ed Clark We like bringing you only the hard-hitting cheese content from around the world. And so today I’m bringing you, perhaps, the biggest of them all. Does cheese cause...
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What cheeses can you freeze? 31 March 2020 • Ed Clark We get lots of questions about cheese here at TCG towers and pride ourselves in sharing our knowledge with the masses. One we keep coming across is the age-old...
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