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How we obsess over getting you the perfect piece of cheese every time

Every time you take a bite of cheesegeek cheese, we want you to experience that product at the very top of its game. An unforgettable moment of cheese magic.  So how do we go about...

By Edward Hancock

Feb 1, 2024

My favourite pairing from this year's Ultimate

This year’s Ultimate is jam-packed with very classical style cheeses, the real big hitters in the world of cheese. We couldn’t be happier with the pairings that we have ended up with, and importantly it...

By Edward Hancock

Dec 1, 2023

Which country makes the best cheese?

Which country makes the best cheese? Well what are we eating? If you were to ask a member of the general public which cheeses they have eaten recently, they would probably name cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan,...

By Richard Simpson

Nov 17, 2023

What is cheesegeek eating this Christmas?

What is cheesegeek eating this Christmas?  This year, for my Christmas cheeseboard, I have lined up 7 absolutely banging British cheeses that I think provide the perfect exclamation mark to 2023.  But, as importantly as being...

By Edward Hancock

Nov 17, 2023