"I just like cheese. I'll hold a conversation at a gas station. It's not about the fame and fortune, I just like cheese"

The Lionel

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No. of cheeses

4-5 beauties

Total grams

600g approx.

Enough for

4-8 cheese lovers


Free (UK mainland)


Cheese info, Pairing notes and Scorecard


Impressing friends or yourself with epic cheese

Hello, is it cheese you're looking for? Look no further than Lionel. He’s a balanced selection of our all-time favourites alongside equally exciting, but lesser-known, beauties. We’ll hand pick the best seasonal cheeses, then make sure they have been matured to perfection before freshly cutting, wrapping and packing. This really is cheese without compromise and you know you’ll be receiving over half a kilogram of gold standard yellow stuff.

If your curiosity gets the better of you, you can get an idea of what you might receive by checking the current selection in our Pick 'N' Mix Shop but we'd encourage you to trust us to pick the perfect Cheesebox. You might just be surprised with what you like!

As well as top notch cheese, you’ll always be equipped with our tasting notes, pairing tips and scorecard so you can rate your favourites. We’ll also make sure Lionel gets to you in tip top condition with our chilled and insulated packaging...check our video out for how our cheese gets packed!

With The Lionel, you’ll always receive around 600g of cheese - that’s enough for 4 people to enjoy as a cheese fest or up to 8 responsible adults.


At The Cheese Geek we favour quality over quantity, so there's no long list here of every condiment under the sun, only the ones we believe to be the very best. There's something for every type of cheese and in the case of Cloudberry Jam, it doubles up as a great topping for vanilla ice cream. Who knew.

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If you would like something physcial to send to the lucky recipient, click here to download The Cheese Geek gift card that includes more info on the present you've purchased and some care instructions. Perfect for slotting in a card.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Delicious selection of cheeses delivered

Delicious selection of cheeses delivered very quickly, it made the perfect birthday present for a cheese lover!

Second delivery attempt - box damaged

The first attempt at delivery was 3 days late, so I binned the box and another box was sent. I received a Lionel package, but the box was damaged. I had to stop the courier and make him aware of this. He said he didn't know what was in the box ! We checked and all looked OK, but is it ? If the box was damaged early in the delivery , was the cheese kept cool enough ? As this was a present I cannot really complain, but someone should be aware of this.

Hi Brian, Thanks for your feedback. This is really disappointing to hear - it sounds like our courier company has let us down. We choose APC though so it is a reflection on us - we’d love the chance to make it right. If you could drop us an email at hello@thecheesegeek.com with your order number, we will pick it up with APC to find out what happened and organise a replacement for you. Kind regards, Richard

The cheese was very well received and enjoyed as a surprise Birthday Present.

What a great concept! Delicious

What a great concept! Delicious cheese, in the perfect size!

Great cheese, too much packaging

Wouldn't order again. From a consumer standpoint, the cheese was excellent, but with all the trash, I'd rather buy from a local cheese monger next time. Sorry guys.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. We're glad you enjoyed the cheese! We're aware we use plenty of packaging - this is to ensure the cheese gets to its destination in tiptop condition. This doesn't mean we should we should ignore the impact though and we've worked hard to source environmentally friendly materials. The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable; and the box can be recycled or reused. We're also currently looking at how beeswax paper may be able to help us further minimise wastage. Great that you have a local cheesemonger so you can keep enjoying your cheese. We'll work hard to improve our packaging options so we can maybe tempt you back in the future!