Advice from our geeks


Will my cheese stay fresh during delivery?

Hell yeah! We are the very first cheese delivery company to insulate our boxes, so our chilling packs work a treat keeping your cheese in perfect condition until you have a chance to get it in the fridge/eat it immediately on the doorstep. Not judging here!

What if I'm not in? That worries me a lot.

Well it doesn't worry us cheesy amigo! That's because your cheese will be left as per your safe place instructions entered at checkout, and all the spiel about the insulating and chilling...well that applies for up to 48hrs. Your cheese is gonna be are you.

OK, but I bought this cheese as a gift for someone else...what if my safe place instructions aren'

As long as you have left a mobile number and/or email for the recipient, they will get delivery updates (although if it is a surprise best to enter your own), with an option to enter their own safe place're off the hook, and your recipient's neighbours will not be getting free cheese.

How should I store any leftover cheese?

We love the idea of ordering the perfect amount of cheese without lots of leftovers because cheese can be a bit of a diva, and we strive to have it at its absolute best when we deliver it. However, if you do have some cheese left, keep it happy by wrapping it with the paper it arrived in (or any wax paper you may have) and in a separate compartment (so it doesn't dry out) in the fridge (not the coldest part)...did I mention cheese was a bit of a diva? If possible, keep your blues away from other perishables as it may try and turn them blue too! Remember to take your cheese back out of the fridge 1-2 hours before you're ready to tuck in to get it to room temperature – it can taste a little bland if too cold!

How long do the cheeses keep?

Soft cheese - up to 1 week
Blue cheese - up to 1 week
Hard cheese - up to 2 weeks

We would always recommend eating the cheese we deliver to you as soon as possible though as that is when it will taste the best!

I have a subscription, but I am due to be away on holiday for the next delivery date. Do I need to cancel my holiday?

Cheese comes before everything else, and that includes holidays. BUT, luckily, you can have it both ways. Just get in touch, and we can change around your dates however suits you. You might say, you can have your cheesecake, and eat it. 

I notice your cheese costs more than in a supermarket...what's the score there?

Ouch, that one does actually hurt. At cheesegeek, we have feelings just like normal people. If you eat our cheese alongside supermarket cheese, it will be like watching HD vs black and white TV (not even non-HD). Also, many of our cheeses are not available in supermarkets as they are small batch, made by hand. The ones that are available in supermarkets simply don't get treated with the same care as we treat our cheese.

I'm on a diet getting beach body ready...will cheese make me fat?

Eating cheese won't make you fat per se, but like with anything eating too much of it will. Unlike most companies that pack in well over 1kg of cheese in each box, our Regular Cheeseboxes are a perfectly dainty 600g, so if you are sharing them with 2-4 people (for a dinner party for example) it means you get to try 5 different cheeses in cute little portions, and you won't have loads of leftovers sitting in the fridge taunting you every time you open it. The ate cheese AND you have the beach body of your dreams. You're welcome. For more info check out our blog on whether cheese is good for you.

Can I eat cheese while pregnant?

This is not official advice and we recommend referring to the NHS website to make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re eating during pregnancy. As a general rule of thumb, you can eat any cheese as long as it’s totally cooked through – so you don’t have to give up cheese toasties! There is also plenty of evidence suggesting that hard, matured cheeses are also safe, even if they are unpasteurised. You should avoid all soft cheeses (unless fully baked through), including those with washed or bloomy (white) rinds and soft blue cheese, unless otherwise advised by a health care worker. Be aware of any uncooked puddings, such as cheesecake or ice cream, which may contain unpasteurized cheeses and milk.

Click here to view the NHS approved list of safe cheeses to eat during pregnancy.

Do you do vegetarian cheese?

Oh. Yes. Not only do we DO vegetarian cheese, we LOVE vegetarian cheese. Just tick the veggie option when you pick your box or head to our veggie-friendly selection, and sleep safe in the knowledge that your dreams are about to come to fruition.

Erm...that was meant to be a trick question. What is vegetarian cheese?

Traditionally, cheese is curdled using rennet, which is an enzyme derived from the stomach lining of calves. So, with vegetarian cheese, rather than using 'traditional' rennet, plant-based rennet is used, or in some cases enzymes from funghi or bacteria. For more info, check out our blog on vegetarian cheese.

How do I recycle my packaging?

At cheesegeek, we try and use the minimal amount of packaging needed to keep your cheese safe. Any packaging that we do use is carefully thought through. For more info on how to reuse or recycle your packaging, head to our packaging blog.

Is there any allergy information I need to be aware of?

If you have any allergies, to be on the safe side, it's best to email in and check with our Geeks. The email address is

So cheesegeek, what is your favourite cheese?

This is like asking which of your children you love the most. Even if there is an answer, it would be unimaginable to actually say it, and I certainly wouldn't write it down. You will have to come and meet me at an event and ask me...I may have an answer for you then...maybe.