Cheese that
takes you places

Discover cheese you’ll never forget

Cheese that
takes you places

Hello, I’m Edward

Here is a photo of me getting excited about some cheese. This happens most days. Boy do I love cheese.

What is it that gets me so excited about cheese? 

First, it’s the taste. When you taste an amazing cheese for the first time, you just can’t help telling people about it. When you buy your favourite cheese, the anticipation of trying it is palpable, and then the joy of eating it is hard to beat.

Second, it’s the discovery. Cheese is one of the most wonderfully diverse, varied and quirky foods in the world. Discovering and trying new cheese is genuinely magical, particularly when you think that pretty much every single one started with the same four ingredients.

Third, it’s the feeling. The nostalgia. When you eat a piece of your favourite cheese, it brings back all the memories previously associated with that cheese. The people you were with, the places you were.

Much of that makes me not the cheesegeek, just a cheesegeek. And I guess if you are reading this, you or a loved one could well be a cheesegeek too

Hello, I’m Edward

What cheesegeek represents


We help you discover the very finest, often hard to come by seasonal British cheeses, expertly selected, sourced directly and ripened to perfection.


From pairing tips, tasting notes and scorecards to subscriptions based on your own preferences, our mission is to deliver experiences rather than just products.


Our specialist team hand-cut, wrap and pack fresh on despatch day, before your cheese is delivered in climate-controlled packaging.


We support regenerative farming, demand the highest welfare practices and offer carbon offsetting on all orders. All of our packaging is recyclable.

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