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Somerset, England

12 months

Cow's (U)



Farmy, buttery

The newest of only 4 traditional, raw milk Somerset cheddars, Pitchfork joins great company alongside Keens, Montgomerys and Westcombe. In our view, it more than holds its own. Incredibly complexity and balance, the trademarks of a great cheddar. You'll find a farmy tang, a buttery undercoat, and the hallmark of a proper, Clothbound cheddar, great crumbly, earthy breakdown in mouth. None of that supple rubbery chewiness you get with a supermarket cheddar. It is no wonder Pitchfork won 4th best cheese in the World this year, and Best British cheese.

TCG Tips: it's summer - wash down with a somerset ipa

Add rambunctious red onion

After what began to feel like a life long, Ben Hur-style epic, we reckon we have found the world's greatest accompaniment for Farmhouse Cheddar, British Territorials, and in fact pretty much any hard cheese available to the human race. And it isn't even a Chutney! It's a Marmalade!

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