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cg top tip: A delicate and balanced cheese like this is best enjoyed on its own...but it is epic with coffee! Yes, it is acceptable to eat the World's Best Cheese (or any cheese for that matter) for breakfast.

Cornish Kern

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Age:  16 months
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  Yes
Region:  Cornwall
Vegetarian:  No

From Lynher Dairies, the makers of Cornish Yarg and Garlic Yarg comes this stonker of a cheese. This beaut is off the chart with flavour. Encased in black wax, it is made in the style of a Gouda, however, the utilisation of Alpine starter cultures gives the cheese multiple dimensions. It has a real fruity twang, something like from an old sweet shop, except cheesy. Think exotic dried fruits, salted caramel, toasted hazelnuts and almonds, and although savoury, it simply tempts and teases you with a little bit of nutty buttery sweetness. All the flavours just linger beautifully in your mouth for the perfect amount of time. Its crumbly, crisp and slate-like texture simply arouses one's senses to another planet. An absolute worldy cheese....literally.

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Meet the Maker

A historic recipe found in an attic was the start of Lyhner Dairies story. Since, master maker Catherine has built their repertoir to 4 fab cheeses. One of which, Kern, has won Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards, which was a big part of our own humble beginnings.


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