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cheese.ed - learn about pairing wine with cheese

1 to 4 people
600g approx

One of the most iconic food and drink pairings in the world - what goes better together than cheese and wine? They are a timeless match with countless unforgettable combinations waiting to be discovered.

At cheesegeek we’ve tried, we’ve tasted (and tasted, and tasted) and we love to find a pairing that sings from the rooftops. One of the more enjoyable challenges is finding a wine to work across different cheese styles meaning you can enjoy a variety of cheese with your favourite tipple. In this box we’ve gone for an easy going Pinot Noir that schmoozes across the cheeses and pairs with each style in its own way.

For cheese, we've gone with four British heavyweights across a variety of styles to show how a versatile vino can make all the difference. See the cheeses included below.

Every module not only includes all of your cheeses (and accompaniments where applicable), you will also receive a whole host of information as well as interactive materials to tutor you through the process so you can learn about cheese wherever you choose to get your cheese.ed box delivered. We like the idea of keeping all your modules and notes in one place to refer back to, creating your very own cheese journey almanac. To help with this, in your first delivery we include a neat clip and cover sheets to stay organised.


  • 120g Rachel
  • 120g Pitchfork
  • 200g Old Winchester
  • 120g Cashel blue
  • 1x bottle Soli Pinot Noir

Delivery is FREE and it comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee. If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your festive cheesegeek delivery.

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What is cheese.ed?

First and foremost it’s cheese. As you would expect, epic artisan cheese is at the centre of every module (after all, it’s what we do best). On top of this, we have focused each module on a specific aspect of the cheese world with the aim of answering some of those always asked but never answered questions. Each module is accompanied by detailed worksheets that give you the chance to rate different aspects of the cheese and make your own notes. Whilst this is starting to sound a little like school, it’s very much not. Unless school involved sitting at home eating cheese.

The cheeses in this module


Another great goat's milk cheese from White Lake


If you do not like goat's milk cheese normally, do not be put off! This is different! It has the texture of an Ossau Iraty or a Tomme de Savoie, so basically that utterly divine supple moreish texture you experience when you bite into it, leaving teeth marks...you know the one. Springy when you press it, it has the faintest hint of the usual goaty tang, but way more than that it is buttery, nutty and slightly milky as opposed to being deeply creamy. It is a really interesting spin on goat's cheese both in texture and taste, and one we encourage everyone to give a go.



Traditional raw milk Somerset Cheddar


The newest of only 4 traditional, raw milk Somerset cheddars, Pitchfork joins great company alongside Keens, Montgomerys and Westcombe. In our view, it more than holds its own. It has incredible complexity and balance, one of the trademarks of a great cheddar. You'll find a farmy-like tang, a buttery undercoat with the hallmark of a proper, Clothbound cheddar- a crumbly, earthy breakdown in the mouth. There really is none of that supple rubbery chewiness you get with a supermarket cheddar. No wonder Pitchfork won 4th best cheese in the World in 2020, and Best British cheese!



Vacherin style...but British!


As if it wasn't good enough (or hard enough) to produce one cheese worthy of stopping time and space (Tunworth), they have now produced another... Winslade. Winslade is made in the style of Vacherin, with two notable differences. It is available ALL YEAR ROUND and it's BRITISH.

Winslade is spoonable once it has aged for around 6-7 weeks. It is just the most wonderful example of how cheese can be fresh and floral, but rich, creamy and indulgent at the same time. If that wasn't enough, it's just scooped best soft at the Artisan Cheese Awards!


Cashel Blue

The perfect gateway blue


This is the perfect blue cheese for those who want complexity but not the sharp saltiness, minerality or general strength of a Stilton or bolder blue cheese. It is more soft-honey than nutty, and has little salty sharpness with almost no minerality to speak of compared to a Barkham Blue for example. The finish is super clean with just a hint of saltiness at the end. What it all adds up to, is a scenario where some of the more subtle flavours aren't scared to come out and say hi... honey, some hazelnut and straight up creamy goodness.


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    Our cardboard delivery boxes are produced using recycled material and are recyclable.

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    Includes cheese info, tasting notes and pairing tips as well as a scorecard to track your favs.


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