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When we ask people who makes more varieties of cheese, UK or France, France always wins. By a distance. So there is always a huge element of surprise when it’s revealed that there are more varieties made in the UK than France, by up to 50%. Of course this is not to say that therefore British cheese is better, but it gives you an idea of how thriving our cheesemaking industry is.

One of the best indicators of this is the fact that for almost every famous style of cheese out there, there is now a British alternative being made that is arguably equally as good, if not better.

In this box, we explore some of those alternatives, to shine a spotlight on the incredible strides that are being made by cheesemakers in the UK, and their immense technical proficiency in making cheeses, modelled on the greats, that are gaining accolades in their own right.

Every module not only includes all of your cheeses (and accompaniments where applicable), you will also receive a whole host of information as well as interactive materials to tutor you through the process so you can learn about cheese wherever you choose to get your cheese.ed box delivered. We like the idea of keeping all your modules and notes in one place to refer back to, creating your very own cheese journey almanac. To help with this, in your first delivery we include a neat clip and cover sheets to stay organised.


  • 120g Ashcombe
  • 120g Spenwood
  • 120g Old Winchester
  • 120g Rollright
  • 120g Beauvale

Delivery is FREE and it comes in a climate control box (the only in the industry) that comes with a 48 hour freshness guarantee. If that wasn't enough, we also add an insert that will talk you through the info on the cheeses, tasting notes and a scorecard to help you make the very most of your festive cheesegeek delivery.

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What is cheese.ed?

First and foremost it’s cheese. As you would expect, epic artisan cheese is at the centre of every module (after all, it’s what we do best). On top of this, we have focused each module on a specific aspect of the cheese world with the aim of answering some of those always asked but never answered questions. Each module is accompanied by detailed worksheets that give you the chance to rate different aspects of the cheese and make your own notes. Whilst this is starting to sound a little like school, it’s very much not. Unless school involved sitting at home eating cheese.

The cheeses in this module


Styled on the French cheese, Morbier


A Morbier style cheese with a line of wood ash running through, giving you gentle milky flavours with a slightly smoky finish. Ashcombe was once described as "Smoother than Marvin Gaye" and we'd have to agree. There's a reason this handsome chap (and we're not just talking about the cheesemaker DJ), has won so many awards.



Styled on the Italian cheese, Pecorino


Spenwood- known to the family at cheesegeek as 'Spenny', is a barnstorming British take on a classic Pecorino. At 6 months, it is nutty in a more sweet milky way, so care-free and happy go lucky. As it ages, one starts getting a bit more of a toasted caramel style hazelnut nuttiness, as we start moving further from those Pecorino comparisons. Once it gets beyond 9 months, Spenny takes on a different persona entirely. Gone is that fresh-faced, sweet little cheese, and in its place is the slightly moody teen. It brings meaty to the table and a savoury saltiness. It has been described as roast lamb in the past..sure, we can get on board with that. It also gets harder, drier, and has a definite tang. This is when you start getting into 'grate me on some pasta' territory. No matter how you eat it, Spenny is undeniably delicious!


Old Winchester

Styled on the Dutch cheese, Gouda


Old Winchester is nutty, tangy, salty, and reminds us of an amazing Gouda, Cheddar and Parmesan all at the same time! This is what makes Old Winchester such a unique and great cheese, and finds it a place on our Top Cheeses list. At first sight and taste, you will think it looks like a hard Gouda, just slightly more crumbly in appearance and a bit paler. There are not many kinds of cheese that can meddle with your tastebuds like this, or be in so many places at one time. Old Winchester does it for fun... an absolute delicious cheese excitement.



Styled on the French cheeses, Vacherin/Reblochon


Rollright- never ever ever Rollwrong. Simply put, it's a better, British alternative to Reblochon, yet so much more. It's luxurious, it's buttery, it's rich...but with an immensely satisfying crunch. Lets not forget the woodiness thanks to the spruce bark wrap. This guy comes as a 250g whole (it's a good whack of cheese but won't last more than a sitting). Whilst the guys at King Stone Dairy in Gloucestershire took inspiration from the washed rind soft cheeses of France and Switzerland, they have taken it to another level here. Keep on rollin.



Styled on the Italian cheese, Gorgonzola


Let us introduce the beautiful Beauvale. Made by Stilton producers Robin and Ben Skailes at Cropwell Bishop, Beauvale is a multi award winning (3 stars at this year’s Great Taste Awards thank you very much!) soft, mild and creamy blue cheese that is similar in nature to a Gorgonzola. With a luxurious melt in the mouth texture and comforting blue tang with just a touch of spice, it is a cheese that is perfect for both Stilton lovers, and those who prefer a milder, creamier blue flavour!


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    Includes cheese info, tasting notes and pairing tips as well as a scorecard to track your favs.


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