cheesegeeker… meet CASSIE

(probably the most powerful entity in the world of cheese!)

So, who is CASSIE?

CASSIE is our much loved, proprietary cheese system, which we spent 3 years building, and that powers our incredible subscriptions, personalises every single insert, and even ensures you eat your cheeses in the right order.

Tell me more about what CASSIE does!

CASSIE makes a huge amount of decisions, instantaneously, that ensure every single subscription we send out is:
- A balanced selection

- Eaten in the recommended order

- Seasonal

- Fits with your preferences

- Ensures you never get the same cheese twice

- Provides you with your magical, personalised insert, delivered with your cheesebox.

This is just the tip of the cheeseberg though, CASSIE enables so much else, for example allowing you to instantaneously swap cheeses in or out from your upcoming subscription box.

What makes CASSIE so special?

We built CASSIE in-house, meaning no other subscription can match what we do. And not only that, she operates at infinite scale! In other words, no matter how many cheesegeekers we bring along on our journey, every single journey will be unique and adapted to that cheesegeeker. No set 5 cheeses for everyone every month. This is the next level of cheese experience. And it’s all about you and getting as may people on-board as cheesegeekers as we can.

But what about the human touch?

Well first of all, CASSIE was built by us, the biggest cheese fanatics in the world! So she knows what she’s doing, because it is what we would be doing…just faster! But on top of that, we still have an in-house cheese specialist overseeing allocations every day. This means if there are special cheeses we want to send out, or if a cheesemaker tells us they have a special batch of cheeses that is just too good to miss out on, we can overlay that onto CASSIE’s decision making…meaning it is the very best of both worlds!

What is next for CASSIE?

This is where things get really exciting. CASSIE provides us with almost unlimited opportunities, all with the goal of making cheesegeekers’ experience out of this world. An example of something we are planning is helping CASSIE to learn about our cheesegeeker preferences, through our universe of cheese ratings (submitted via our app or account). This will mean that each subscription journey becomes even more perfected to you…the cheesegeeker. Loved Lincolnshire Poacher? Here are some other cheeses we think you’ll love too.And that, in a nutshell, is CASSIE. We love her almost as much as cheese…and we know you will too!


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