Choose your module, sharpen your pencil and be prepared to become a cheesegeek yourself with cheese.ed, our new eat-whilst-you-learn experience. Each module contains the cheese (usually around 600g) and workbook that give you the chance to learn more about the artisan cheese world at your own pace. No commitment - choose the modules that interest you most. 


Why I started cheese.ed

Hi. I’m Edward. Founder at cheesegeek and creator of cheese.ed. Contrary to popular opinion, I did not start this modular cheese course so that I could name it after myself; I’m genuinely passionate about sharing the wonders of British artisan cheese! Its nuances, its history, its versatility - I hope we’ve put together a fun way to up your cheese knowledge. Ultimately, it’s an eat as you learn experience… and eating cheese is always fun!

Why I started cheese.ed

The big questions

First and foremost it’s cheese. As you would expect, epic artisan cheese is at the centre of every module (after all, it’s what we do best). On top of this, we have focused each module on a specific aspect of the cheese world with the aim of answering some of those always asked but never answered questions. Each module is accompanied by detailed worksheets that give you the chance to rate different aspects of the cheese and make your own notes. Whilst this is starting to sound a little like school, it’s very much not. Unless school involved sitting at home eating cheese.

cheese.ed is great for someone who’s looking to learn more about artisan cheese. You’ll know your Cheddar from your Gouda but you might be looking for some gentle next steps in to some more detail. We won’t be asking you to send in your homework - it’s to be enjoyed at home, at your own pace.

We’ve also found cheese.ed is great for groups of up to 4 people who are looking for a fun activity on a night in. Cheese is always best shared and this gives you some structure and talking points over a board. As an activity, it would typically take around an hour.

Ultimately, you’re eating cheese so you’re in for a rollicking good time.

Beyond a box of glorious cheese (and accompaniments if your module includes), you get detailed worksheets that take you through each step of the module. You’ll have space to rate elements like aroma, hardness and intensity as well as make your own notes. They also come with a handy nickel screw (this sounds odd but trust us) so you can keep all your module notes together creating your own cheese almanac.

As well as the nuts and bolts of your module, you’ll hopefully come away from each module with some extra knowledge. You’ll know what to look for as you taste cheese, the notes that you would normally expect plus your eyes will be opened to some seriously impressive British cheesemakers who are firmly putting British cheese on the map.

Each cheesebox comes beautifully (and eco-friendly) packaged with FREE Delivery. We deliver Tuesday to Saturday to UK mainland on a next day service. Our boxes are insulated, so cheese is kept in tip top condition. You can also choose the delivery date at checkout so the box is delivered on the best day for you (phew, that's a lot of info on delivery).

No problem. You can select your desired delivery date at the cart stage and your cheesebox will appear (as if by magic) on that day.

Absolutely not. If you want you can choose to do all if the modules on the same day, but cheese.ed is for you to learn about cheese in a way that works for you (whether that's just doing the module that stands out for you or doing all of them in quick succession).


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