"Excuse me whilst I kiss the cheese"

The Jimi

Regular price £30.00/box


No. of cheeses

4-5 beauties/box

Total grams

600g/box approx.

Enough for

4-8 sittings (although 1 is fine too)


Free (to 99% of UK postcodes)


Cheese info, Pairing notes and Scorecard


Release your inner Geek


Different cheeses every month guaranteed

We are redefining cheese. No longer shall it be an afterthought to a meal, or a simple pasta topping (however delicious this may be). For us Geeks, it’s a travesty that an undiscovered world like this exists...but now you have a chance to join our tribe.

It’s a TCG Subscription. It’s our pinnacle...the ultimate...the toppest of top trumps.

Think of it as a cheese pilgrimage...The Geek will take you on a journey through the incredible diversity, complexity, and quirkiness that is cheese. It is not just a transaction, it is a collaboration. Want to get into cheese? Here is where it finally happens.

Each box you receive (either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) will include 4-5 of the finest cheeses totalling approx. 600g, which is enough for around 4-8 sittings (but we don’t judge here, there’s every chance you’re like us and once you’ve opened the box, you can’t stop). The selection will always be perfectly balanced including some award winning classics alongside equally exciting, lesser known alternatives. As usual, each cheese is hand picked in season and at the best stage of its life. Each delivery also includes tasting notes, pairing tips and a scorecard, so you can rate each cheese and keep track of your favourites.

As well as getting the best rate (signing up quarterly means you're only paying the equivalent of £10/month!), subscribers also benefit from our no repeat guarantee. In a 12 month period, you will not get the same cheese twice (unless you select 'Vegetarian only', there is a limit to our powers!). That's a new cheese every week (with a few left over!)....oh yes, it's fist pump time.

And remember, we always include free, chilled delivery.

Cheese has finally found its place at the table.

subscriber perks

special cheeses reserved exclusively for subscribers

There are certain cheeses out there that are lip-smackingly fantastic but sadly just too pricey for us to include in our curated boxes. This is usually because they are ultra small batch, incredibly seasonal and made according to processes that are incredibly manual and/or require long ageing. Think Beaufort D'Alpage, Etivaz, 3yr Comte, Salers or closer to home cheeses like Lord of the Hundreds. But cheeses like this are just too good to not showcase, and so exclusively as a subscriber, from time to time, these extra special cheeses will find their way into your boxes so you can experience what all the fuss is about.

first to try new cheeses that we think are hits

Artisan cheesemaking is an incredibly dynamic progressive industry, and the great cheesemakers we work with are always keen to apply their incredible skill, knowledge, experience and craftsmanship to developing new cheeses. It's a quite incredible investment of time, energy and money to develop a new cheese, and so when they do pop up, and we love them, the first people we want to share them with is our amazing subscribers! So when these cheeses do emerge, and they pass our taste tests, you will be the first to try them, ahead of pretty much anyone else in the world. And that cheese guru friend of yours who has tried it all...here's where you get to finally show off your cheese skills!

different cheeses every month set according to your preferences

No blue? No goat? No problem (although we would love to have the chance to change your mind). Every month, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be getting a new set of cheeses, with no scaries in there, and add to your growing repertoire of cheesy knowledge. And your monthly cheese won't be just any cheese, it will be bang in season, matured to perfection, and tasting exactly how the cheesemaker intended.

extras exclusive to subscribers, ranging from condiments to alcohol free beers

It won't surprise you to hear we are on a constant mission to not only unearth wonderful cheese, but also wonderful accompaniments to cheese that make your experience even better than you could possibly have imagined possible! When we find something new, or an exciting new brand that matches our values and ultra high standards, we want you to be the first to taste. So if it is something that is new to the PNM shop, you will get to try it first. Or, it may never even appear for sale, so it will just be a special fleeting moment between us! Either way, these little extras will find their way into your boxes every now and then as a thank you for being a subscriber.

the best price, saving between £60 - £90 over a 12mth period

Last but by no means least, as a subscriber, despite all the benefits listed above, you also pay the least! Sign up to a 12mth Elvis, and it is a £90 saving over the year, or with a rolling Jimi it works out as £60 back in your pocket.
The greatest cheeses, every month, with added extras, and for less money...that's what being a Cheese Geek subscriber is all about. So join us and let's get this (cheese) party started!

The questions you were too afraid to ask


You can purchase The Jimi just like any other product. The card you choose to use at checkout will then be charged exactly 1 month later (and so on). So if you sign up on the 14th February for example, you will then be charged on 14th March, 14th April etc.

Delivery dates

For the first cheesebox of your subscription, you can choose the delivery date. For subsequent deliveries, we will make sure your cheesebox gets to you within 3-4 working days of the next billing date. You can change your billing date (and therefore your delivery date) in your account or by emailing in


You can cancel The Jimi at any time without charge. We do ask that you give us a minimum of 1 week's notice prior to payment being taken if you wish to cancel. Either hit the cancel button in your account or send us an email

any questions, drop us a line at hello@thecheesegeek.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quality cheese on your doorstep

Received my first box last month and was pleasantly surprised with the selection. The quality of the cheese is far superior than anything else I’ve bought in Ldn (with the exception of perhaps a few cheese shops). Good quantity as well (I was sceptical at first but was not able to finish everything in the end). If you love cheese, get yourself a subscription!

Great product - loved the

Great product - loved the cheese

Amazing cheese

Very tasty, stilton was amazing.