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Fine Cheese and Wine Pairing Experience

About the ultimate

The Ultimate. Not a name we have dished out lightly. It's been a lifetime labour of love experimenting with cheese and wine pairings and we believe we've landed on something spectacular. Eight award winning cheeses, eight fine wines...and eight perfect pairings.

In a year where experiences have been hard to come by, The Ultimate brings the thrill of a fine cheese and wine tasting to your home. Run it at your own pace with our extensive tasting guide, learn about the cheeses and wines, and rate the pairings on your really is The Ultimate cheese and wine tasting!

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8 cheeses, 8 wines

An all British selection of cheeses in what's been a tough year for cheesemakers, paired with wines by 10 Vins - world specialist in fine wines by the glass. Perfect for 2-4 people.

Tasting guide

All the info you need to run your own cheese and wine tasting experience. The Ultimate comes with a detailed booklet, including scorecards, tasting prompts, and even a Cheese Geek placemat!

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Buy now and schedule your delivery for any point in the future. Land the week of Christmas for a great gift (it's perfect for a couple!)

no. 1: Vintage lincolnshire poacher

No. 2: winslade

No. 3: Pitchfork

No. 4: Spenwood

No. 5: old winchester

No. 6: baron bigod

no. 7: Northern blue

No. 8: Mrs Bell's blue