The ultimate

Fine Cheese and Wine Pairing Experience

About the ultimate

For Christmas 2020 we brought you The Ultimate in its first form. It wasn't a name that we dished out lightly. It was a lifetime labour of love experimenting with cheese and wine pairings, resulting in eight award winning cheeses, eight fine wines...and eight perfect pairings for an at home tasting.

And we thought to ourselves, can we top this for Christmas 2021? Well watch this space Cheese Geeks, there's a brand new Ultimate (The Ultimate Ultimate?) coming to a Cheese Geek store, and by that we mean our website, near you in October 2021.

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customer review

"The Ultimate at Christmas was one of the best nights I have ever had at home! We ordered 2 and drank ALL OF the wines and tasted all of the cheeses and had a riot! Could become a new Christmas tradition!"

the original ultimate

no. 1: Vintage lincolnshire poacher

No. 2: winslade

No. 3: Pitchfork

No. 4: Spenwood

No. 5: old winchester

No. 6: baron bigod

no. 7: Northern blue

No. 8: Mrs Bell's blue