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Bungay, Suffolk, England

5-8 weeks

Cow's (U)



The Baron

Buttery indulgence, smooth mushroom earthy-ness


Like all great Bries, most notably the world famous Brie de Meaux, Baron Bigod (pronounced By-God, because it is so damn good!!) has an absolutely perfect balance between rich decadent butter, and smooth earthy mushroom. It is not sharp or salty like some Bries can be, which is crucial because unlike Camembert, the flavours are so much more subtle and can easily be overpowered. Eating Brie should feel like a really extravagant and comforting experience, and Baron Bigod delivers on every level. We think the little 250g Bigod gems are best at around 5-6 weeks as they mature slightly faster than the bigger wheels. And don't forget about the rind...it packs most of the punch!

TCG Tips: Smother over a rustic or crusty baguette, and enjoy with a glass of champagne. Cheese doesn't get a lot better than this...

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