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Tipperary, Ireland

20-24 weeks

Cow's (V, P)



The People's Blue

Honey, Smooth Creaminess

Mild Blue Cheese

This is the perfect blue cheese for those who want complexity but not the sharp saltiness, minerality or general strength of a Stilton or bolder blue cheese. It is more soft honey than nutty, and has little salty sharpness and almost no minerality to speak of compared to a Barkham Blue for example. The finish is super clean with just a hint of saltiness at the end. What it all adds up to is a scenario where some of the more subtle flavours aren't scared to come out and say hi...like some honey, some hazelnut and straight up creamy goodness.

TCG Top Tip: Eat after 45mins out of the fridge with thin pear slices and a sweet Semillon or St Emilion wine

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Like a true adult in a cheese shop, if you haven't been able to decide what you want, take away the pressure by letting The Cheese Geek choose for you. Available as one off or as a subscriptions, our Cheeseboxes are a balanced selection of our all time greats (that you'll probably see in this shop) and some lesser known beauties that may surprise you.

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