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Somerset, England

8-10 weeks

Cow's (P)



Sharp, salty but also nutty!

Supreme Champion at the 2014 World Cheese Awards, this Stilton-style cheese shows what value can be added by manual cheesemaking. Made on a small scale, with hand-ladled curds, every cheese is pierced by hand so the 7 cheesemakers can feel the moisture and adapt the piercing accordingly for every individual cheese.
Whilst it hits all the classic Stilton notes, some sharp saltiness, balanced by a richness, what stands out is the long, lingering toasted hazelnut melted butter on toast finish.

TCG Tips: Heavenly with rambunctious Red Onion & Port (a glass of tawny to wash down as well!)

Add red onion & Port Marmalade

Rambunctious Red Onion and Port Marmalade. Hands down one of the best cheese accompaniments. Versatile, full of flavour and just the right level of chunky. Matches brilliantly with Bath Blue

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