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Nottinghamshire, England

16-18 weeks

Cow's (U)



Deep toasty caramel depth, perfect balance

Stilton lovers rejoice

Stichelton is an English blue cheese made in Nottinghamshire by Joe Schneider using organic, unpasteurised milk from his Friesian-Holstein cows. It is made using a traditional Blue Stilton recipe, apart from the fact that it uses raw milk and natural rennet. For this reason it cannot be called a Stilton, as now the PDO for Stilton stipulates that it must be made using pasteurised milk after a health scare in the 80’s. As it cannot be called a Stilton, it was decided that it would be called Stichleton instead. However, as it uses the original recipe, some would argue that it is the truest, most traditional ‘Stilton’ in production.

The rusty coloured rind has a slightly spicy tang, and it has a firm texture which is broken by the blue-green mould veins that run throughout. The flavour is nutty, a little sweet and slight toasted, with a creamy finish. A delight on any cheeseboard – this is a cheese with a great back story!

TCG top Tip: A raw milk Stilton, so must be a Tawny Port!

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