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Cornwall, England

5-7 weeks

Cow's (V, P)




Fresh, lemon nuttiness, with a milky mushroom twang

Wensleydale, Caerphilly

Cornish Yarg (founder's name Gray spelt backwards) is very similar in many ways to Caerphilly. It is relatively hard, but still contains good levels of moisture giving it a pleasantly yielding feel when pressed or bitten. But it also has a good level of crumble, giving it a fantastic overall texture. But the real star of Yarg that elevates it to new levels is the visually stunning nettles that the cheese is wrapped in. Each cheese is wrapped by hand, and the nettles impart a truly fantastic mushroomy earthy flavour into the cheese that just adds new dimensions to the eating experience. As the cheese matures, these earthy notes get deeper, and the edge of the cheese starts getting very slightly gooey. Extracting flavour from a young hard cheese such as this is a large task, but with Yarg the nettles do this effortlessly and with finesse. A truly unique and wonderful British cheese, worthy of a place on any cheeseboard!

TCG Top tip: A fine match is a slightly fruity, creamy Chardonnay which seems to bring out both the citrus and the earthy creamy notes from the cheese

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