• cheesegeek 200g St Andrew's Farmhouse Cheddar

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St Andrew's Farmhouse Cheddar

Age:  14 months
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  No
Region:  Fife
Vegetarian:  No
This farmhouse cheddar is made on the eastern edge of Scotland by the Stewart family and rivals the best of West Country. It's tangy, complex, salty and buttery with a flavour that lingers. The Stewart family have farmed in Fife for over 5 years, so you bet they know how to make a damned good cheddar.

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Meet the Maker

The Stewart family have farmed at Falside since the 1930s, with the dairy always very much at the centre of the operation. The farm is now run by Robert Stewart – assisted by his wife Jane. They have 3 sons, two of whom (Ben and Adam) have now joined the business.


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