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cg top tip: When it is younger, a light drizzle of honey is really lovely...as it ages, plum jam works really well, with a red wine that also has those cherry, plum, even dark chocolate vibes.


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Age:  6-9 months (approx.)
Milk:  Sheep's
Pasteurised:  No
Region:  Berkshire
Vegetarian:  Yes

Spenwood- known to the family at cheesegeek as 'Spenny', is a barnstorming British take on a classic Pecorino. At 6 months, it is nutty in a more sweet milky way, so care-free and happy go lucky. As it ages, one starts getting a bit more of a toasted caramel style hazelnut nuttiness, as we start moving further from those Pecorino comparisons. Once it gets beyond 9 months, Spenny takes on a different persona entirely. Gone is that fresh-faced, sweet little cheese, and in its place is the slightly moody teen. It brings meaty to the table and a savoury saltiness. It has been described as roast lamb in the past..sure, we can get on board with that. It also gets harder, drier, and has a definite tang. This is when you start getting into 'grate me on some pasta' territory. No matter how you eat it, Spenny is undeniably delicious!

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Meet the Maker

Inspired by the Italian cheeses she saw whilst sailing the med, Anne Wigmore began Village Maid Cheese in 1986. From humble beginnings in Reading, Anne has grown the dairy which now resides in Riseley using the milk from local farms to produce 5 award winning cheeses!


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