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Yorkshire, England

Minumum 10 weeks

Cow's (P, V)



Rich, sweet, tangy

Most of the time you read the name of the cheese and find it very hard to link it to what you're eating. This is not the case with Northern Blue. It sounds tough...and it is tough. Made with hard as nails northern cows, it packs a serious punch (thanks to a stronger strain of Penicillium Roquefort). To balance the extra strength, there is still a creaminess and sweetness to it...think of it as the softer side to Phil Mitchell (there's one there, we know it)
Shepherd's Purse have blues running through their veins, and this is another winner. Literally. It scooped a Sliver Medal winner at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in Bergamo.

TCG Tips: After dinner with a sweet dessert wine

Add Wild Cloudberry Jam

Scandinavians and Northerners. A match made in heaven. A great pair and if the Cloudberry doesn't get gobbled up, try it with ice cream

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