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cg top tip: Wash it down with an apple cider (it is a cheese that's washed with apple cider after all)


Age:  4 weeks
Milk:  Cow's
Pasteurised:  Yes
Region:  Gloucestershire
Vegetarian:  No

When he tasted this cheese our Founder stood up and did a few pirouettes he was that excited by it. And this baby is a delight through and through. Exclusive to cheesegeek subscribers for May 2022, it's the result of an ingenious collaboration between David Jowett from Kingstone Dairy, Tom Oliver of Oliver's Ciders and Sam Wilkin (rockstars in the cheese and cider worlds). Why do we love this cheese so much?

1. It's washed in cider (need we say more?)

2. It's delicious

3. It's fruity on the inside, meaty on the outside. You get apple-y, sweet flavours on the rind from the west-country cider and you get meaty, marmite-y flavours from the creamy interior

4. It's unmistakably British

5. It's delicious (it's so nice, we said it twice)

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