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Thirsk, Yorkshire, England

10-12 weeks

Sheep's (V)




Crumbly, salty, tangy


Ok, the thing is that at The Cheese Geek, we get very protective over cheeses like Roquefort, because ultimately it is a total worldy cheese, one of the true greats. But we also accept that it is a little punchy for many cheese groupies... and that is totally understandable. Blue sheep's milk cheese can do that to people. So in comes Mrs Bell's Blue. Here you have a Roquefort-style cheese, but pared back. It still looks like a Roquefort, it has the saltiness, the crumbliness and all that jazz. But, it is just toned down, which means that you get to enjoy all the great upsides of a cracking Roquefort without the volume turned up to 100! Creamy, melt in the mouth texture, incredible aromas of all sorts; think herbs and even some sweet honey. This is Roquefort for the more cautious...but it is also just a cracking cheese in its own right!!

TCG Top Tip: Match with a sweet Semillon or St Emilion wine, and some of our Brandy & Pear Jam. Cheese heaven alert!

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