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Spotlight on Long Clawson Dairy

We’re really excited to be stocking Long Clawson Stilton for Xmas 2022. I recently visited Long Clawson (both the creamery and a local farm that supplies milk) before committing to working with them this year.

By Edward Hancock

Dec 5, 2022

How to Spookify your Cheeseboard

What better way to celebrate spooky season, than gathering your nearest and dearest, getting on some frightful attire and enjoying a delicious selection of wine, cheese with all the bits and bobs to accompany.

By Rhiannon Davis

Oct 28, 2021

How to create the best Christmas cheese board

We all have a whole host of traditions when it comes to Christmas, but would Christmas really be Christmas without cheese? Learn how to create the best Christmas cheese board

By Edward Hancock

Sep 15, 2021

The ultimate Father's Day gift guide

For the man who didn’t want to get a dog but ends up loving it the most. For the man who ALWAYS falls asleep on the couch. For the man who replies “I’m Poland, nice to meet you” whenever you say you’re hungry”. But most of all, for the man who deserves the world. Whether it’s Dad, Stepdad, Uncle, Grandad, show your appre-cheese-iation this Sunday 19th June.

We offer gifts from £30 to £100. The perfect place to shop for father's day:

By Edward Hancock

May 31, 2022