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The Ultimate Guide to Berkswell Cheese

When it comes to Berkswell cheese, one thing is for sure…it looks like a UFO. Of course, it tastes pretty out of this world too! Its distinct look is all thanks to the fact that it’s moulded in a kitchen colander when being made, instead of being pressed, like most other cheeses.


By Claragh Nugent

Apr 1, 2022

Is Cheese Good For You? - The Health Benefits of Cheese Explained

Is Cheese Good For You? - The Health Benefits of Cheese Explained. From tasty Tunworth to yummy Yorkshire Pecorino, we’ve yet to find a cheese that doesn’t whet our appetites

By Rhiannon Davis

Sep 15, 2021

Cheesy Deodorant Ft cheesegeek x Wild

The story of our partnership with Wild and how the amazing launch of three limited cheese-edition deodorants came about. They smell so good, you’ll wish you could eat them (and you can)

By Claragh Nugent

Mar 29, 2022

Ultimate Guide to British Cheese & UK Cheese Alternatives

Ultimate Guide to British Cheese. Buy British: alternatives to cheese from abroad. Search them out, and you will be handsomely rewarded!

By Edward Hancock

Mar 2, 2021