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Why is blue cheese blue?

Blue cheese. Perhaps the most divisive of all the cheese styles out there. A type of cheese that people really, really like, or really, really don’t.

So, what is blue cheese? And why, why, why is it blue?

By Livvie Newman

Oct 3, 2023

Which cheese pairs best with champagne?

There is nothing quite like celebrating with something sparkling and a fantastic piece of artisan cheese, so here is a guide to the best pairings I’ve come across over the years.

By Richard Simpson

Sep 14, 2023

What makes cheese so special?

The memories it creates. The discovery, and sense of adventure. The giggling. Raw delight at such a miraculous product, crafted by hand using a combination of precise science, years of experience, and the most wonderful raw ingredients. Sourced here from our land.

By Richard Simpson

Sep 7, 2023

Is cheese bad for you? The experts say no...

Here at cheesegeek we have always known that cheese is magic and now we have the most definitive scientific evidence yet of the super powers hidden within. Thanks to Tim Spector and Sarah Berry for bringing this to light on a recent Zoe podcast.

By Richard Simpson

Sep 4, 2023