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Is cheese bad for you? The experts say no...

Here at cheesegeek we have always known that cheese is magic and now we have the most definitive scientific evidence yet of the super powers hidden within. Thanks to Tim Spector and Sarah Berry for bringing this to light on a recent Zoe podcast.

By Richard Simpson

Sep 4, 2023

The Very (Holy) Golden Cross!

We’ve had an amazing month at cheese HQ, with one of the highlights our Mothering Sunday showcase, shining a spotlight on 5 incredible, female-led cheesemakers. We had so much fun putting the selection together, and...

By Edward Hancock

Mar 30, 2023

Golden Cross Goat's Cheese Tart

Spring! The time of year where most goat’s cheeses are tasting at their very finest, and Golden Cross is no exception to this rule. Rich and creamy, this cheese goes perfectly in a traditional tart....

By Livvie Newman

Mar 30, 2023

Women in Cheese

As Shania Twain once said, “Let’s Go Girls”, and by “ Let’s Go Girls” we mean let’s go female-led cheese producers in the UK. Women have, historically, played a large role with the world of...

By Livvie Newman

Mar 7, 2023